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 afm ovalPlus! Assistance developed by Ann Frances Margolies in Rome, Italy, has grown in the field of IT Consultancy and Services since 2000. In this overwhelmingly fast-paced era of technology use, her experience since the early 1980's brings a people-oriented assistance to the field. When you need trusted, client-oriented advice with your technicians, for hardware purchase or network planning, her experience is there for you. When you need trusted, client-oriented advice for your website development, her experience is at your service. When you need trusted, client-oriented training to meet your specific work objectives, her 30 years of individualized teaching experience is there for you. When you need professional, personalized software development that’s really projected with your needs in mind, her experience is at your service.



"La nostra società ha con lei, da 13 anni, un rapporto che è stato sempre caratterizzato da impegno, responsabilità e correttezza. La nostra collaborazione si è svolta su linee parallele, all’interno delle proprie professionalità, per comprendere e soddisfare le varie esigenze dei clienti. Infatti Ann Frances come generalista di informatica e specialista di software e di formazione del personale è stata sempre in grado di interfacciare e interpretare i bisogni dei clienti spesso da noi condivisi su diversi piani. Al momento opportuno ha saputo riferire alla nostra società i progetti più specializzati come: sistemi di rete, server, wifi, soluzioni di cloud e hardware in generale. Abbiamo molto apprezzato non solo le sue capacità professionali ma abbiamo costruito, addirittura, un rapporto di reciproca stima e di equilibrio nelle rispettive competenze che negli anni si è fortemente consolidato." (rb)


"Not only have I worked closely with Ann Frances in setting up and maintaining our parish's website and setting up our parish's network both in our offices and rectory, but she has been so helpful in advising us on purchasing... As the pastor, Ann Frances has helped me to plan and budget for the future not just in the area of technology but also in weekly problem-solving and managing good working relationships with external Italian technicians and computer companies. AFM has been invaluable to our community and to me personally. I have the highest regard for her, not only because of the service she gives, but because of her dedication and joy of life." (ga)


"Ann Frances has been responsible for technology since 2001 at the Primary and Secondary Schools of our Institute, bringing us fully into the Information Age as a modern academic institution. I have worked directly and closely with her during these past 10 years as Principal and Academic Directory. Ann Frances’ planning, dedication and creative development has put us in the position to offer one of the most innovative scholastic environments in Rome: managed networking, data security, digital registers and scheduling, professional formation of personnel, interactive learning, knowledgeable support of the administrative management of the Institute and development of our important web site presence. When there were issues or challenges that required rapid and active problem-solving, Ann Frances would go “above and beyond” to fully assist me and our staff in finding effective solutions." (rd)


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