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ICT Skills are like muscles: Test them or lose them! If you're like most career-oriented people, you know when you need to put your competencies to the test, Certifications or not. And as I assist young people and veteran professionals in honing their skills, this is one of the best test simulators I've ever found!

Because I build my reputation on integrity and objectivity, I can only say that for ECDL or Microsoft Office proficiencies, I have not found a better live simulator than this platform that I stumbled upon looking for good materials. When I design a personalized training program for someone, I believe in pre-testing in order to see the level of actual competency. In this way I can build an "ad hoc" course to meet anyone's needs, at their pace and at their level, and then move them towards their objectives.

If one is looking towards a Certificate program, be that something like ECDL/ICDL - European/International Computer Driving License (base, standard, advanced, etc.) or MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist, it's essential to be put into a real-test environment that is realistic and correctly calibrated.

In my "ecletic" bag of teaching tools, I'm appreciating more and more how valid a platform as Test4U can be. But don't take my word: go and see:

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