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No, you have a single or multi license for its use, and of course all your data. The “intellectual property” remains mine.

For most programs there are at least guidelines if not a full manual. However, in all honesty, my decades of experience have taught me that there’s nothing like a small series of hands on lessons together.

I am readily available by email and phone to deal in a rapid way with any concerns. My clients will confirm my reputation for speedy work and response time within the work week. Only in particular situations would we need to connect through Desktop Remote, Teamviewer or very rarely Skype.

All my programs are in English except for the Accounting and Healthcare Software which are available also in Italian.

Only in the contest of an ongoing consultancy agreement. I’m a general systemist with 35 years of hands on experience. I can do quite a bit before it’s necessary to call in a technician.

I am fluent in English (mother tongue) and Italian (almost 30 years living and working in Rome). I’ve learned to manage, if spoken slowly, the other “Romance” languages.

As a freelance consultant, I offer objective advice to meet your needs in the best cost:service ratio. Since I make my living and reputation on helping my clients, I can mediate and control fair and effective solutions that meet your needs at the best price. I can work with your consultants or providers, or help you find good, professional computer and network assistance here in Rome.

In a simple situation I can do almost all of the network system work. Most importantly I work closely with very highly qualified businesses and technical professionals with whom I can plan out your network needs and mediate their work.

I am an American ex-pat who's lived and worked in Rome, Italy since 1989. I taught English in the States as well as here in Italy. I use Italian constantly in my personal and work life, with high level grammar and vocabulary, and a still-wonderful Anglo accent!

It is English language usage focused on specific professional areas of need. "Plus! Specialized English" does not refer to standard conversational or travel-oriented courses. By specialized we're referring to a particular vocabulary and language context. This could be in the area of computer technology, finance, Church life, or similar fields.

With 15 years of experience with this high quality, value-added Internet Service Provider, I will assist you completely in evaluating your line, your data and phone VOIP needs, the real possibilities of fast internet band in your zone, and all the transition “bureaucracy “.

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