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profile report
profile report
One can add with the assistance of the program long documents in pdf format to build up historical dossiers on your family's history.
Special PDF Long Document Viewer
Special PDF Long Document Viewer
Various printouts & reports
Various printouts & reports
All files can be organized under the "\Genealogy\" folder with as many subfolders as one wants. The Professional program can run from any drive position.
Local file saving & look-up
Local file saving & look-up
With the Pro version of Plus! FMDBS, there will be the option to request (not free) a one-time Gedcom conversion into the Plus! Database system.
Gedcom importing
Gedcom importing

Plus! Family History Database System

Why move over to Plus! Genealogy Database Program:

Do you want to get off annual payments to genealogical / family history sites?

Do you want to build a family history that is all in one place, complete and flexible?

Do you want to be able to share with and pass on in "heredity" all your family research, facts, documents and photos?

Try Plus! Family History Database System!


Overview of the Plus! Genealogy Database Program:

Plus! Family History Program (Plus! FHDBS) is compiled in Microsoft Access Database. It is designed with various criteria:

  • all documents and photos are located directly on your local disk or pen drive and are free to access even as pdf’s and jpg’s/png’s through file explorer. They are not on internet and are not dependent on any genealogical website.
  • every photo and document is “called up” within the program for immediate viewing, in order to keep them available as single files and to keep the program light.
  • these supporting files illustrate the person’s life and events and are associated automatically with their appropriate forms, views and printouts without extra clicking.
  • totally off-line: no connection online is necessary; no data goes up to internet;
  • a GEDCOM conversion service can be requested as an option with the Pro version;
  • documentation and photos need to have been saved, downloaded, scanned by the user


Technical concepts

The Plus! Family History Program, begun in 2018 by Ann Margolies and in constant development, runs in a Microsoft Windows / Microsoft Access environment. (Microsoft Access Run-time is included in the programming package. It is a relational database dependent on dozens of tables, queries and coding behind the visible Forms and Reports. All data, photos and documents are saved by the user to local folders and then connected to the visual individual, family or events form. There is no connection to internet during the use of this system.

The Pro version will run from any drive or folder, even a pendrive.

Plus! FHDBS Manual

Versions: (current ver. 6 - 2023)







99 euro



30 days

No limit

No. of persons

Examples only

No limit

No limit

Main purpose


Try it out!

Total genealogy!

Features included

Main views:

·        Individual Profile

·        Family Overview

·        Event/facts forms

·        Document/photo attachment

·        Genealogy reports:

o   Ancestors

o   Descendants

o   Cousins

o   Families

·        Galleries:

o   Events

o   Documents

o   Photos

·        Full search features

(see Demo features) +

·        Add individuals

·        Add families

·        Manage families

·        Manage individuals

(see Trial features) +

·        Eliminate individuals
·        Personalize historical pdf viewer
·        Export 4-generation chart/tree

Version history:

June 2023 - ver. 6

·        Eliminate individuals

·        Personalize historical pdf viewer menu

·        Set “root person”

February 2023 - ver. 5

·        Rename individuals

·        Send “birth of child” to parents’ events

·        Cousins Tree List

November 2022 - ver. 4c

·        Set individual privacy

·        Descendants tree

May 2022 - ver. 4b

·        Ancestors Tree

·        Rapid switch from one person to another

January 2022 - ver. 4a

·        Parents, spouses on all forms

·        4 Generation tree export to Excel for print

·        Relative paths - progam runs from any position



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